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OAL 2014: (Pine)apples & Oranges!

By Juli • July 31, 2014 kajhsdbakjhdakj

Hey folks, I hope that you’ve all been having a great week! I’ve been busy trying to meet a few work-related deadlines and participating in the Outfit-Along that’s been co-hosted by Lauren of Lladybird and Andi of Untangling Knots. It’s been a blast participating and checking out everyone’s fancy new makes! I finished up my dress and cardigan this past week… and boy, just in the nick of time! Here are the finished pieces: I went with the “official” chosen cardigan (Andi Satterlund’s new Myrna pattern), but went a bit rogue on the dress. I liked the chosen pattern, but after those knit cardigan sleeves took me AAAAAAGES to get through (I think I frogged them five or six times before I got the hang Read More

Vera Aveline (aka The Summer Bombshell Dress)

By Juli • May 12, 2014 sweetlittlechickadee_veraaveline_14

This Dress. You must make it now. Right this minute. This dress will make you feel like you have superpowers. It will make you feel effortlessly chic. It will make you feel like a total Bombshell. And it is so simple to make… even with all of the fancy details. I promise, you can do it! When Maddie first emailed me about her new tutorial, I wasn’t sure if the style would suit me, but she persuaded me, saying that it was a very versatile style that anyone could rock in a myriad of different ways. Her beautiful floral version looked absolutely amazing on her in the preview pictures, but I just wasn’t sure that I could pull it off. Here is where the sheer Read More

To Infinity & Beyond… A Galaxy Print Lady Skater!

By Juli • May 3, 2014 Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress

Hey guys! I hope that you’re all having a great weekend and enjoying some (finally!) warm spring weather and sunshine! Super quick post today! I sewed this dress up a few months ago when it was still really chilly out and took the pictures then too (hence the fleece-lined tights and bad lighting pics) and am just now getting around to blogging about it. Bad, bad blogger! Life has been crazy busy these last few months. I really love this pattern though! This is the Lady Skater Dress pattern from Kitschy Coo… Galaxy Style! The fabric is a galaxy print jersey that I’ve had in my stash since before the move… but it actually came from a shop in the Read More

Tribal Print Briar Tee

By Juli • February 10, 2014 Tribal Print Briar Tee

Oh my gosh, are you guys sick of seeing all of my briar remixes yet?! I really hope not, because here comes another one! Last weekend, I decided that I needed a new shirt to wear to a workshop the next day, so I sat down and sewed one up that evening. I’ve sewn this pattern many times before (blogged one, two, three), so it only took about two hours from start to finish (including fabric layout and cutting + final pressing). You really can’t beat that! There’s a pocket on here too, but it’s hiding. Can you see it? *** OOOOOOOH, MYSTERY POCKET! *** Except for the wild fabric print, I kept it pretty basic this time. If you look Read More