Mmm… Fruit Loops.

May 2, 2011

Happy Monday!

I thought that I would start the week with something to think about. As an artist, I know that at times I struggle with my work (ie: is it different enough? too different? are people going to hate it? will they like it? should i really even be doing this? etc.). I think that at some point or another this is something that everyone struggles with. Later last week I was having one of those days. I came across this on Pinterest that very same day and it just seemed to brighten everything up! I love this:

You can buy this adorable picture here.  I think that I might get a copy to hang in my home office – it just makes me smile!  This lovely lady also has tons of other cute things in her etsy shop (like this and this) so I highly suggest taking a look around!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a tasty recipe!  Hint: It’s pretty ridiculous. Yum!