The Adventure: Ginger Snaps and Scooby Doo

July 15, 2011

This is a kind of wordy post. But it’s a story. An adventure of sorts. It’s also a little silly. And a little awkward. Do you like silly awkward adventures? If you do, keep reading.

Remember my new glasses?  Well, when I picked them up last week, I was amazed. They were so clean, so clear, so shiny! I walked out of the office all bouncy and extremely happy that I could see so well with my new specs. About an hour after I’d been wearing them I took them off to clean off a smudge with my nifty new microfiber cloth from my nifty new glasses case.

Then I saw the scratch.

Then I saw more little cracks and scratches all along the top of the left lens. I could still see out of them just fine, but I panicked for a minute. Where did all those little scratches come from? Were they going to think that I totally messed up my glasses in just an hour??!

We zoomed back to the eye doctor’s office, they checked out the lens and then went “Hmmm… yeah, that’s not supposed to be like that!” It was determined that it either got cracked during shipping or when it was being put into the frames. A new lens was ordered and I still got to hang onto my glasses because I could still see out of them much better than I could my old ones.

Skip forward two weeks. Mr. Sweet and I go in for our contact lens follow up appointments. Mr. Sweet’s contacts? Fine as cake. Mine? Well…

To side track a bit here, I’ve had a hard time wearing contacts since my last eye appointment back in the desert over a year ago. I’ve only been able to wear them for a few hours at a time without feeling like they are itchy or ridiculously dry and stuck to my eyeballs. Not terribly pleasant. I’ve worn contact lenses since high school and never had that problem before. Now add an astigmatism to the mix. Sizing lenses so they don’t constantly flip around in your eye? Another added level of difficulty. Certain contact lens manufacturers only make certain sizes of astigmatism/toric lenses? Yep. I left the eye doctor’s office the first time with two different brands of lenses to try out – a different one for each eye.

Skip back again to our follow up. Mr. Sweet? Fine as cake. Me? I put my contacts in about two hours before our appointment and by the time we got to the office my eyes were dry, itchy, and I was starting to get a headache. They decided that maybe I have an intolerance to silcone hydrogel, the new material in a lot of contacts these days. Apparently it’s not terribly uncommon. Thank goodness they still make lenses in the old material.

So the optometrist left to go grab some new lenses for me to try out. She walks back in, places the new lenses on the counter – right eye, left eye, you know the drill, then walks out to grab something else. In the meantime, I get the first container open about halfway, and then I slice my finger on it. You know those times when you get a cut and it hurts, you look down and it’s not bleeding yet, but then all of a sudden it really does? Yep, this was one of those times. It wasn’t a huge cut, but it was definitely bigger and deeper than a paper cut… and bleeding a lot more.

I wash my finger off in the sink, grab a few paper towels and try and hold it and magically stop it from bleeding before the eye doctor comes back in.

Then she walks in.


Me:I… um… I cut myself?” (insert sheepish-looking face here)

Optometrist: “Oh?” Stares for a minute. “Oh? Okay, well I’ll be right back with a band-aid then.”


Contact lens container: 1   Juli: 0

In the meantime, I’m still holding my finger trying to stop it from bleeding. It really hadn’t stopped yet. Crazy plastic contact lens container cut. Bugger.

She walks back in holding a band-aid.

“Well… I hope you like Scooby Doo!”

The only band-aids that they had in their office were for little kids, but I was fine with that. I mean, who cuts themselves in an eye doctor’s office anyway?! Yeah, sure, I’ll rock a Scooby band-aid.



Finger all washed off and bandaged up, I go back to putting in my new lenses. They’re very… floppy. Floppier than the old kind. Floppy on my finger, floppy back into the case, floppy on the counter… yep. Hard to put in with a bandaged up pointer finger. It took me a few minutes, but I managed. Hopefully this other material will be better!

I grabbed my glasses with the new freshly replaced lens on the way out of the office. I had my contacts in, so didn’t try them on in the office. We get home, I hop into the bathroom to take out my contacts and put on my glasses. Mr Sweet sees me from the kitchen.

Glasses on. Look in mirror. Take glasses away from face. Check eyes for contact lenses. Look in contact lense case. Frown. Put glasses back on face. Confused look. Walk out to kitchen.


Me: “Here, try these on…”

Mr. Sweet: “It’s like a magnifying glass!” Laughs.

We gave them a call, zoomed back over there, got there about 5 minutes before their closing time for the evening. To make a long story short, someone had accidently ordered a + lens instead of a – lens in my prescription power for the replacement. Luckily, they had kept the old lens, so they were able to switch it back out with that and went to reorder a new one.

It was all kind of funny really. Mr. Sweet and I were giggling when we went back up there because it had just been one thing after the other and I was just glad that they were able to switch the lens back out to the old one until the new one comes in. They felt terrible about the mix-up, but we told them it was fine because I would be coming back in for a contact lens follow up for my new lenses soon anyways, and the office isn’t terribly far from us.

After all of that excitement, we still had a few errands to run, but we were starving! When we ran into the store to pick up more food for Ollie, we picked up these as well. Pretty tasty! Especially if you like ginger snap cookies, which we both do. Recommended. Yum!

That’s it for now! I’m hoping to finish up my dress from the vintage pattern today and get the final post in that series up either this weekend or early next week.

Have a great weekend!

Do you have a funny story or awkward moment from this week? Share it below!