Fashion Sewing

Hey, No Pinching!

March 17, 2012

Remember St. Patty’s Day in Elementary school? Boy, kids could be brutal! Haha. The one day of the year where you could get away with pinching your classmates without the teacher getting too mad. Green was a color that I didn’t usually wear, I don’t know why, so I usually didn’t have too many green clothes in my closet. Nerdy kid that I was, one year I decided to just wear this sparkly necklace that I had because I figured that it reflected all of the colors in the color spectrum… so green was (duh!) obviously one of them. I thought it was genius… until I got to school! Try explaining that to a group of fifth graders with their overeager but-you’re-not-wearing-green pinchers at the ready. Ooof, oh maaan I got pinched that year!!

This year, however, I had my brand new green Meringue skirt!

 It’s one of the Colette Patterns from the new book. Isn’t it purdy? I just love the cute little scalloped hem.

Here’s a picture of the back of the skirt, in case you are wondering what it looks like. Sorry for the goofy butt shot!

And here’s a pic with this little guy. It was driving him nuts that he wasn’t outside with us while we were taking the other pictures. He waited so patiently right inside the door, then he just had to come find out what we were doing! Haha, silly pup!

Here are a few pics of the inside of the skirt construction. I know that I’m always curious about these types of things! That’s just how I roll. I’m nerdy like that.

Now you might be wondering, hey, wait a minute, that looks like the same wood floor from those other photos! Did you just start shooting pics outside not wearing any pants??!


(Long pause)

Just kidding!

The lighting was mucho better outside to take these and it was a completely different day! So yes, don’t worry, I am most definitely wearing pants. 🙂

Anyway, skirt construction! Yep. Here ya go:

Man, I was really proud of that zipper! This was my first time using a serger (more on that in another post) for garment construction and I absolutely loved it. It was so quick to sew with and made the edges so neat and clean looking.

Overall, the skirt was pretty quick to sew. I used a medium weight dark green twill. Including making a super quick mock up muslin, it probably took me about 3-4 hours to sew. The scallops probably took me the longest to do because I practiced sewing them first and then sewed them pretty slowly on the actual skirt so I could try and get them perfect. It’s a really cute hem, but kind of a tricky bugger to sew (note: it requires slow sewing and patience) I’ll definitely do it again though – it’s a fun look.

I used a little bit of fusible hem tape on the inside (I know, I know, a bunch of you are probably flinching right now… I actually am a little too) instead of using a catchstitch just because I was getting impatient and was really excited to get the skirt done to have something green to wear. But it worked out pretty nicely. I’m hoping that it will still wash well and not get all funky.

Have any of you used this fusible hem tape stuff? Do any of you use this in garments on a regular basis or do you prefer hemming by hand? Please tell me it washes well!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Go have some green beer, green milk, a slice of minty green grasshopper pie, or something else fun and festive to celebrate!