Retro Floral Ginger (Skirt)

April 11, 2012

I was really excited when I heard that the weather was supposed to be warming up this weekend. Warmer weather means skirts and fun sandals! And since I have been sewing things for spring for a little while now… I might finally get to wear them!

Anyway, changing seasons leads to switching things up a bit… so I decided to pair my brand new Ginger skirt with this sunny yellow top:

And then, in typical girl fashion, I decided to explore my options and change, to see how a more neutral navy color would look with the skirt.

And then I found out that it was actually still a little chilly outside, which gave me an excuse to try to pair this mustard yellow cardigan with something to have it work with the skirt and my skin tone. I’ve been really liking mustard yellow lately (it’s more of a fall color… I know…) but it looks pretty horrid with my skin tone. I think that pairing it with a white tank underneath helps a little bit. It definitely helps brighten up the outfit.

I’m not used to my skirts having so much color and pattern! But it is kind of fun to play around pairing colors with it. This is definitely the busiest and most colorful skirt I own!

Sewing nerd stuff:

Remember how I talked about making my own piping in this post? It’s a little tricky to get lined up perfectly straight and sew in, but it’s definitely possible. After some careful pinning and some slow-ish sewing, I was so proud that I got it to line up so perfectly in the back of the skirt. I goofed a teensy bit installing the invisible zipper, but I don’t think it’s too terribly noticeable unless you are really looking for it.

Meanwhile… after I sewed in the piping I discovered that I had been so wrapped up in that that I totally forgot about tucking the inside part of the waistband up instead of down when I sewed it in… Oh silly sewing whoops…

That’s ok though… this stuff came to the rescue!

Of course, I would have rather remembered to sew the waistband up, but instead of ripping out a bunch of work (or have some awkward topstitching on the front side of the skirt), I decided to use this stuff. If you are in a pinch when you are sewing, I have found that it is pretty much magic. I definitely wouldn’t make a whole garment out of this stuff or anything, but for little fixes it does the trick. I tucked little strips all along the inside of the waistband and ironed it in like this:

Easy Peasy and hidden on the inside of the skirt! Shhh…! Don’t tell!

In all reality, one bonus is that it seemed to add even more stability and sturdiness to the waistband on top of the interfacing that was already there and called for in the original pattern, which is pretty nice for a high-waisted skirt. I read once that if the waistband is a little sturdier in a high-waisted skirt it is supposed to help it not roll down as easily.

I was going to do a rolled hem on my serger to create a nice neat look, but opted to try out the fancy topstitching function on it instead. This was the first time that I had ever used it on an actual garment before… I’m pretty pleased with the effect, but did have to fight with it a bit on parts of the hem where there were more than two layers of fabric (ie: every seam).

I may end up shortening the skirt just a little since it does seem to hit right at my knees, but I’m going to wear it around a little first and then decide.

Overall, I really like the Colette Ginger Skirt pattern. This was actually my second time sewing it. I sewed a denim version last year (unblogged) when I was just getting into garment sewing and it is definitely a good beginner pattern. If you’re just starting sewing, then I highly recommend it. It’s also a fun pattern to start with to add your own embellishments like piping, lace, pockets, etc. Sunni has a cute tutorial for adding pockets  to the Ginger skirt over on her blog.

If you’re interested in the fabric it is by Melody Miller and it is a cotton/linen blend. I got mine from Hart’s Fabric online. I used about one yard for the skirt and really didn’t have any fabric left over.

So what do you think? Which outfit variation is your favorite? Is the Ginger on your list of things to sew?