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New Year’s (Sewing) Goals

February 8, 2013
Hey… Happy Friday!

Even though it’s already February (Eeek… wow! Really?!), I haven’t done too much garment sewing for myself yet this year, so I think that it’s a good time to talk about some sewing goals!

In the couple of years since I really started focusing on garment sewing, I’ve sewn a handful of dresses, a lot of skirts, a couple of tops, and hemmed quite a few pant legs for both myself and Mr. Sweet. As much as I really like sewing dresses and skirts (they’re so pretty! and fun! and quick to sew!), this year I want to expand my sewing repertoire and add some well-fitting custom-sewn basics to my wardrobe.

So what are my sewing goals for the new year?

Sew more tees! 

This year I really want to learn more about sewing with knits and add some fun tees to my wardrobe! I wear a lot of t-shirts during the work week just because they are comfy and practical for what I do, especially if I am moving around a lot during the day, but I would love to add some nice, custom, quality, well-fitting ones to my wardrobe, like the “basic white tee” Renfrew that Lauren recently made. In the past (especially when I was in college), I would just grab some cheap $5 basic tees from Old Navy and the occasional sale tee from J.Crew and call it a day. But of course the Old Navy ones would stretch out in between wear and wash after about a month or so (which was really frustrating)… and the sale tees at J.Crew weren’t always in the colors that I was looking for (which was also frustrating) and the regular ones were just too expensive for my student budget. In the past few years since graduation, I’ve slowly been working on “upgrading” my wardrobe, and sewing some new tops and tees from some nice knits seems like a great way to replace the old tees in my closet.


Sew pants (and shorts)!

I have such a difficult time finding pants that fit well in ready-to-wear. It seems like I have to try on at least twenty pairs before I find one that fits just “ok”. If they fit in the rear, they gap at the waist… if they fit in the waist then you have that weird, unflattering, saggy crotch thing going on… or they’re too short or too long… I’m sure that a lot of you can relate! Trying on a billion pairs of pants in a dressing room somewhere is not my favorite way to spend my free time… I’d much rather be sewing or planning out my next project! And as far as shorts go, it would be pretty cool to be able to have some custom-fit shorts that are exactly the right length for a change!


Sew from Craftsy courses!

Sew the Bombshell Dress! I bought this class waaay back when it first came out. I’ve watched the videos, printed the pattern, added the spiral steel boning to my cart, planned out my fabric, now I just need to jump in and do it!

Tailoring! I was really excited when I saw this course announced! I’ve been watching bits here and there and have already learned a bunch of fun little tailoring tips and tricks.

Jeans! I also signed up for Kenneth King’s class over on Craftsy during their big holiday sale and can’t wait to jump in! Have any of you taken this course yet? Did you like it?

I still have a ton of other cute dresses and skirts on my sewing list also (Cambie Dress, Hollyburn Skirt, and Mission Maxi, I’m looking at you!), but this year I’d like to expand my sewing skills by sewing some different items too. Challenge accepted!

What are your sewing goals for the new year? Do you have any favorite patterns for jeans, pants, tees, or other basics? I’ve read good things about the Jalie jeans pattern recently – have you tried that one? Please do share in the comments below – I’d love to hear!