Sewing With Knits: The Briar Sweater

March 23, 2013

Once upon a time there was a knit tee pattern that I really really really liked. I sewed up one, grabbed some fabric to sew up another, and then it snowed. Again. A lot. After the third random March Weekend Snowstorm of 2013, and acquiring some Lisa Frank-esque knit sweater fabric, I decided to give a sweater version a try… but alas had only enough fabric to either make the cropped style or give it short sleeves… and what sweater has short sleeves?

(Cough, cough… ok… so re-reading this, I realized that I do actually have a sweater with short sleeves somewhere in my closet… but well, it’s just not super practical!)

After cutting out my fabric I grabbed a cup of tea and went to work while sneaking a few peeks at the snow outside between stitches. I was on a mission!

Introducing the Briar Sweater (cropped version).

I don’t typically wear cropped shirts, so this was a little tricky for me to pair with an outfit. It didn’t seem to look right with  jeans on me, so I went digging in my closet and finally settled on the Denim Ginger Skirt from this post last fall.

The sweater itself is pretty cute, but mine seems to poof out a bit awkwardly at the bottom in the front. Part of this might be due to the fabric that I used for this version. It’s a poly sweater knit that has a little bit of drape and isn’t terribly thick, but it might not be quite drapey enough for it to lay flat here.

I briefly played with pulling in the sides of the tee to get it to stay closer to the body, and  pinned it to try it out, but this sweater knit doesn’t have much stretch… so then I would be left with another problem: I wouldn’t be able to get into the sweater at all!

My sweater’s like whoa!

Haha, I’m not sure why it’s quite so poofy in this photo, I think that maybe I just spun around? But hey, you can see the shirt in motion in this pic.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back…

Wait, wait, I don’t think that saying works here…

Wouldn’t that be the opposite for an article of clothing? Since it’s shorter in the front and that could potentially be kind of… scandalous?


(Haha, I really give too much thought to these things!)


The thing is… I’m pretty proud of the construction of this sweater! Besides a bit of stretching at the sleeves, the fabric stitched up really well! I think that it totally looks like something you could buy in the store. It just needs a fancy little label.

(Caution: Nerdy sewing pics ahead)

I mean, look at that pocket!

Briar Sweater Close-up

That hem!

Briar Sweater Hem

Inside Construction!

Briar Sweater Inside Construction

And one more fabric photo close-up. Just because the fabric is so cool.

Wait for it…

Waaaaaiiit for it…


Briar Sweater Pocket Close-up

Seriously, it really kind of takes me back… doesn’t it remind you of this?

lisa_frank_worldcopy                                                                     (Image from RubyBows)


At one of my jobs in college I worked with a girl who actually grew up down the street from Lisa Frank’s house! My six year old self was totally in awe.

Overall, even though I love the Briar Pattern, I’m not entirely convinced that this particular version works on me. I’ve seen some really cute versions of it online, but I’m just not sure that I can pull it off…

Let me know what you think! Should I make it into a cropped cardigan of sorts… or maybe try pairing it with just the right dress? Try making it again but use a different fabric?

Have a great weekend!

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