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Sewing Chicken (and a Breton-esque Briar & Bright Green Kelly)

January 23, 2014

Want to know a secret?

Sometimes I’m a sewing chicken.

Green Kelly Skirt & Breton-esque Briar

* Hangs head in shame *

I started this skirt back in January. Of LAST YEAR. Yes, January. I finished most of it last January too, actually, minus one teensy tiny little thing.

But then I set it aside.

Green Kelly Skirt & Breton-esque Briar

And then I got busy with sewing other projects. And then I had to clean the office. And then all of a sudden I just kept making all of these sewing excuses and “got so busy” and… errr, well… just sort of avoided sewing all of those buttonholes down the front of the skirt.

Yep, I got intimidated.

Why, you might ask? Because I’d never sewn a buttonhole before. Yep, I’m a little embarrassed to actually admit this, but… I managed to make it through several years of sewing garments without ever sewing a buttonhole. But I finally did it! And I’m so proud!

Green Kelly Skirt Construction

(Yay! Buttonholes. And Buttons too! Aren’t they purdy?)

I finally finished this skirt back in July, right before The Big Move, which is also when these pictures were taken. That’s why you’re seeing a bright green corduroy Kelly Skirt and nude sandals combo at the end of January, right smack during the middle of an east coast snowstorm.

Seriously, it’s like negative nine degrees outside right now. SO cold. So SO cold.

Want to know something else that I really like about this skirt?

Shhhhh… it’s a secret…

Green Kelly Skirt Construction* Pretty pretty pockets! *

Here’s a quick picture of the hem too. It’s not quite as exciting as those fancy pants pockets, but I’m really digging the longer hemmed construction on this skirt.

Green Kelly Skirt Construction

Once my button-phobia was behind me, I also stitched up a sleeveless (hack) version of the Briar Tee that you see paired with the skirt. It’s made from some white organic cotton knit from Emma One Sock and a small yardage of Liberty of London fabric.

Liberty of London Breton-esque Briar Tee

The tee was inspired by an Anthropologie top with a similar knit/woven fabric style, but I really liked being able to choose my own fabric for the one that I made!

I used Tilly’s How to Hand-Paint a Breton Top tutorial as a starting guide to hand paint the yellow stripes onto the white jersey.

Liberty of London Breton-esque Briar Tee

I used a little bit of watered down sunny yellow fabric paint, let it dry for a day, and then ironed it on to set. I’ve washed this top several times so far and… so far, so good! The painted stripes have held up beautifully and are still just as bright and cheery!

Green Kelly Skirt & Breton-esque Briar

I’ve sewn up several different versions of the Briar top before (here and here), but this was my first time creating a Briar “hack” version and sewing one in Organic cotton. Oddly enough, this version turned out a little bit bigger size-wise than my other versions and is a little baggy so I’ve thought about taking it in a bit, but I’m trying to make it work by pairing it with tighter fitting garments. What do you think?

Green Kelly Skirt & Breton-esque Briar

Such pockets. So wow.

Overall, I definitely recommend both of these patterns and I am really proud that I finally got over my silly button-hole sewing fear and stitched up this skirt!

Have you ever been a sewing chicken? What is the thing that you are/were the most intimidated to sew?