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Tribal Print Briar Tee

February 10, 2014

Oh my gosh, are you guys sick of seeing all of my briar remixes yet?!

I really hope not, because here comes another one!

Last weekend, I decided that I needed a new shirt to wear to a workshop the next day, so I sat down and sewed one up that evening. I’ve sewn this pattern many times before (blogged one, two, three), so it only took about two hours from start to finish (including fabric layout and cutting + final pressing). You really can’t beat that!

Tribal Print Briar Tee

There’s a pocket on here too, but it’s hiding. Can you see it?


Tribal Print Briar Tee Construction

Except for the wild fabric print, I kept it pretty basic this time. If you look at the back of the pattern booklet, this is the regular (long) length with a half-sleeve adjustment.

Half-sleeves are *officially* one of my favorite sleeve lengths! They are so versatile. You can easily throw a sweatshirt or jacket over them in the winter if you get too chilly (and you don’t have to worry about fighting an uncomfortable bunchy long-sleeve situation – yay!) and unless it’s absolutely sweltering outside, they’re nice in warm weather too.

Tribal Print Briar Tee

The entire shirt was stitched up on my sewing machine! My serger is currently MIA right now… it went in for what was supposed to be a quick repair at the end of November and… it is now February. Joann’s keeps saying that it’s in line for repairs and should be returning to them soon, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it back. I mean, it’s already been three months! That seems crazy to me.

Have you guys ever had any trouble with sewing machine and/or serger repair? Have any tips?

Tribal Print Briar Tee Construction

As much as I love my serger and I think that it’s great for knits, I really didn’t mind sewing up this tee on my sewing machine. If you don’t have a serger and have never sewn with knits before, please don’t be intimidated. You can do it!

Tribal Print Briar Tee

Since I was sewing up this tee so quickly and I, uh, admittedly, errr, well, was feeling a little lazy, I decided not to switch over to my double needle for hemming. I just used the zigzag stitch on my machine. I think that it still looks pretty nice and actually kind of works with the print.

Tribal Print Briar Tee Construction

Oh! I forgot to mention the fabric! It’s a (cotton?) jersey knit from Girl Charlee. I purchased it over a year ago so they are out of this one, but it looks like they do currently have some other fun tribal prints in stock. I especially like this one and this one.

Tribal Print Briar Tee

Here are a few more quick construction pics:

Tribal Print Briar Tee Construction

Zigzag stitched hem and a quick peek at an inside seam (also zigzag stitched).

Tribal Print Briar Tee Construction

One of the sleeves (also folded up and zigzag stitched)

Okie doke folks, that’s just about it!

Tribal Print Briar Tee

You might have noticed that my hair is different! I dyed it back in October, actually. It was supposed to be a semi-permanent kind of thing, but my hair really loved the dye and just soaked it right up! I haven’t gotten tired of the color yet, so I just keep re-dyeing it. It’s definitely the wildest thing that I have ever done with my hair… but I kinda like it!

P.S. The glamorous backdrop that you see in these photos is the inside of a stairwell. As I’m writing this, it’s snowing outside. Big flakes too. And boy, is it FREEEEEEEEEEZING!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  • Rachel

    Awesome! Love that print!

  • Ginger

    This is so cute! I love it! But DUDE- repair waiting period since NOVEMBER?!?! What the WHAT?! I’d be totally losing my @#$% if I was you! That’s ridiculous!

  • maddie

    Two hours from start to finish? No, you really can’t beat that!