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To Infinity & Beyond… A Galaxy Print Lady Skater!

May 3, 2014

Hey guys!

I hope that you’re all having a great weekend and enjoying some (finally!) warm spring weather and sunshine! Super quick post today!

I sewed this dress up a few months ago when it was still really chilly out and took the pictures then too (hence the fleece-lined tights and bad lighting pics) and am just now getting around to blogging about it. Bad, bad blogger! Life has been crazy busy these last few months. I really love this pattern though!

This is the Lady Skater Dress pattern from Kitschy Coo… Galaxy Style!

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress

The fabric is a galaxy print jersey that I’ve had in my stash since before the move… but it actually came from a shop in the city.

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress

If you like it, you can pick up some of your own from Spandex WorldΒ – it looks like they still have it in several colorways, including a fun new glittery version!!

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress

Β * Serious Picture for a Not-So-Serious Dress *

I’ve affectionately dubbed this dress my “Ms. Frizzle Dress.” Fans of The Magic Schoolbus series know why! πŸ˜‰

Hmmm… now I think I just need some glow-in-the-dark shoes to match…


A few quick sewing nerd notes:

1.) I highly recommend making up a quick muslin for the top version out of a similar fabric just to check measurements. I am fairly long waisted and I found that I needed to shorten the waist by an inch or so and I never have to do that with patterns! Also, if you are using ponte knit you may want to cut a bigger size. I sewed up my muslin version in ponte and it was definitely a noticeably, uh, tighter (Boob-crushing. Yes. Just going to come out and say it.) fit compared to the thinner jersey.

2.) Can I say that I love the collar style on this dress? The scoop neckline is so flattering. Not too low and not too high. really, the perfect scoopneck.

3.) My serger was still MIA when I sewed this up, so the entire thing is constructed using the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. Not as much of a clean seam finish (I’ve been spoiled!), but no one else sees the inside of the dress anyway… so it totally works! I actually really like the zigzag stitch as a decorative element on the hems of knits.

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress Construction

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress Construction


The skirt is so twirly! I totally have to resist doing this at all times out in public…

Galaxy Print Lady Skater Dress

* Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *

Overall, I definitely recommend this pattern and can’t wait to sew up a few more versions… maybe even one that has a printed pattern on top and a solid colored skirt on the bottom. Or stripes. Or a comic book print! This is one of those dress styles that is great for all seasons depending on how you accessorize it… and it doesn’t hurt that it’s really comfy too!

Have you sewn a Lady Skater? What patterns are you loving right now?

Have a great weekend!


  • Rachel

    I MUST get some if that fabric! That dress is awesome!

    • Juli

      Thanks Rachel! I definitely recommend the pattern and the fabric! So comfy!

  • Aleksandra @ Liveaboard Takes the Suburbs

    Ahhh, I love this dress! The fabric is so so cute and very Ms. Frizzle — in a very great way.

    Super brave of you to take on the dress without your serger. I am too spoiled to even try without mine. Good on you. πŸ˜€

    • Juli

      Yeah, my serger is still on the fritz and it’s driving me nuts! The tension got all thrown off last time I took it in and they haven’t been able to fix it yet, so I’ve been spending lots of time with just my sewing machine lately. I’ve discovered that sewing knits on the machine actually isn’t so bad and have discovered a few helpful tips, but I still miss using my serger!

  • Ginger

    This is amazing- I’m so excited I got to see it in person! It’s the perfect dress! I like to hem knits with a zigzag stitch, too. I really like how it looks as topstitching!

    • Juli

      Hey Sonja! Thanks, it was really fun to get to hang out. I loved your dress too! Sometimes I just don’t feel like fiddling with my machine and switching to a double needle when a zigzag stitch works just as well!

  • Sally

    THIS IS AMAZEBALLS! I have been searching for a perfect galaxy fabric to make another Belladone, but I really like it as a skater dress too! Totally LOLed about the boob crushing ponte – and agree!!! My first skater was ponte and … well. Anyways – love this – you rock it! πŸ™‚

    • Juli

      Thanks Sally! That was my first time attempting to sew a top with ponte and whoa, totally wasn’t expecting that… now I know! A galaxy print Belladone would be AWESOME! Can’t wait to see it! πŸ˜€

  • Jessica

    Holy cow, that is one FUN dress! Love it! I’ve been nursing a baby for what seems like forever, so all my dresses have to be easy access, but this dress is on my list.