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Vera Aveline (aka The Summer Bombshell Dress)

May 12, 2014

This Dress. You must make it now. Right this minute.


This dress will make you feel like you have superpowers.

It will make you feel effortlessly chic.

It will make you feel like a total Bombshell.


And it is so simple to make… even with all of the fancy details.

I promise, you can do it!


When Maddie first emailed me about her new tutorial, I wasn’t sure if the style would suit me, but she persuaded me, saying that it was a very versatile style that anyone could rock in a myriad of different ways.

Her beautiful floral version looked absolutely amazing on her in the preview pictures, but I just wasn’t sure that I could pull it off.

Here is where the sheer fabric from Mood that had been sitting on my sewing table from the New York meet-up a few weeks ago comes in (from back when Lauren was in town and when I also had the chance to meet Maddie in person – she is such a sweetheart!). Anyway, I looked over at it and could immediately picture it as this dress, so it seemed like fate!

sweetlittlechickadee_veraaveline_14It’s a simple and straightforward tutorial, but I did make things a bit more difficult for myself by 1.) working with chiffon (and doing french seams), 2.) lining the chiffon with silk crepe de chine (and doing french seams), and 3.) fiddling with finicky faux leather scraps and delicate lace for the halter/t-back, but there aren’t that many pieces to put together and all things considered this was still a pretty quick make.

The most difficult thing was hemming all that fabric!


I think that for a completely different look this dress would be stunning sewed up using a vintage sheet or (for a sweet fabric treat) a few yards of some pretty Liberty voile.


 (Liberty of London)

I’ll leave you with my best “too cool for school” pose…


Or it was probably more like my best “Hey-I’m-chilly-and-it’s-getting-kinda-windy-out-here” pose.

But it also shows another way that you can style this dress (and how I’ve been wearing it so far in this chilly spring weather!).

sweetlittlechickadee_veraaveline_3.1And some outtakes from the wind, which may have gotten the better of me, haha…

and which went from funny to “ermagerd” in about two seconds.

Real life people, real life.


Aaaaaaah, I still can’t believe that I made this!

It’s really comfy too! Did I already say that? In my opinion, that’s the most important determining factor in the perfect summer dress.

I definitely recommend checking out the tutorial right here. And it’s freeee! Thanks Maddie!

Are you going to sew up a Vera Aveline? What summer dress tutorials and/or patterns are you loving right now?