Geo Print Coat

February 1, 2017

Hi hi hi!

I’d like to present to you the newest chilly weather addition to my wardrobe…

The Geo Print Coat!


Okay, let’s get real. This post that’s been sitting in my queue since… um… last year.

Yeah, I know.

I seriously debated not posting this and just moving forward with brand new projects I’ve made since then, but that seemed kind of silly since I already had all of the pics and stuff for this one just… sitting there in my queue. And although I wasn’t so sure about it at first ┬á(it’s a bit of a different style for me), it’s actually gotten A TON of wear this winter, and I ended up really liking it! So onwards and upwards! ­čÖé

Anyway, this post will be a relatively quick one!

The pattern for this coat is from Butterick Patterns “Lisette” line – B6244.┬áThis was actually my first time sewing a Butterick Pattern. I sewed a straight size 10. No other adjustments at all. This was really weird for me. In retrospect, I probably should have sized down and made a broad shoulder adjustment for a slightly better fit, but the style is such (looser and less fitted, to be worn over bulky layers) that it still ended up being okay.


It was also my first time working with a thick wool coating fabric. And now I totally know why people love working with wool. It seriously presses like a dream! Steaming those hems took forever, but was also, oddly enough, so incredibly satisfying. Like sculpting with fabric.

And this fabric…

This glorious stuff came from Emma One Sock. It’s a (semi?) double sided wool coating and it really ended up being perfect for this pattern – the pop of the bright contrasting blue on the inside has all the high impact of adding a lining… but without the extra sewing time.

The one downside to not having an added lining, however, is that the coat is a little itchy if I try and wear it with shorter sleeves. The wool itself is pretty soft, but my skin definitely tends to be on the more sensitive side so that’s not too unusual. It’s okay though, I just make sure to wear it with long sleeves and it’s not a problem.

You might notice in the pics above that you probably can’t really see any sort of seam lines. I assure you, they’re there! The back piece is just a lot narrower than the two front pieces and they also sort of blend right into the fabric print!

Sneaky flat-felled seams.

Warm and toasty and totally worth it!

If you’re curious about the hat I’m wearing, it was also me-made! The pattern is the Snowdrift┬áhat pattern by Alex Tinsley. I really, really, really love her patterns – I think I’ve made multiples of at least five or six different patterns of hers over the years for both myself and as gifts for others. They’re always really fun to knit. I used a chunky alpaca yarn for this one. The yarn was gifted to me around the same time that I made this coat and I think it kind of spoiled me from other yarn for awhile. Now I just want to knit with alpaca yarn AAAAAAALL the time… it’s so silky soft! Have you ever knit with alpaca yarn? If so, please share your favorite brand!

Anyway, that’s it for now!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!