About Me

Hi, I’m Juli!

I live in New York City with my husband and our two pets: Petrie, a grumpy blue parakeet who’s been through almost as many moves and road-tripping adventures as we have (from Arizona to Colorado to New York City!), and Oliver, the sweetest and snuggliest little pup I’ve ever met.

Sweet Little Chickadee is where I share my creative projects, tips and tutorials, and other goofy, messy things that I’ve been up to. If you can DIY it, I usually want to try it and I’ll share my adventures here.

Why Sweet Little Chickadee? One day while I was working on a project, I looked out the window and saw a chickadee hopping around on our windowsill. I realized that these little birds had lived everywhere we had – from places with intense 100+ degree desert heat to places with some pretty wild winter snowstorms… and everywhere in between! They’re incredibly resourceful and thrive in all sorts of different places. I kind of feel like DIYers and people who sew are the same way!

In addition to sewing, I love green tea lattes, iced tea, watercolor painting, fiber art, jewelry making, experimenting with vegan baking (and baking in general), and reading & writing children’s and YA stories. I’m a huge nerd at heart and terrible puns are almost always guaranteed to make me laugh. Doctor Who and other sci fi shows (Joss Whedon… ermagerd!) kinda rock my world. My style is ever-changing and evolving, but it almost always includes fun prints, bright colors, and handmade jewelry or accessories.

I love making things and strongly believe that everyone has a creative side – even people who think they don’t have even the teeniest, tiniest creative bone in their body. I’ve met so many people who feel like there’s no way they could sew, paint, draw, fill-in-the-blank, etc. because they aren’t an “art type” person, but really, if you’re interested in learning how to do it… that’s already the first step!

The sewing and DIY community is an amazing, supportive space. Let’s share ideas, help inspire each other, keep learning, and have lots of fun!